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Agile book


Agile and Self-Organizing Enterprise Information Systems: Developing a Cloud Platform

The concepts of living systems, which we call also Complex Adaptive Systems, are used in various areas. We can mention first of all enterprise development. In this book we analyze possibilities of using concepts of living systems in the context of enterprises and its information systems. The theoretical foundations for creation living systems and  main features of living systems are presented. Then the conditions of staying alive and emergent behavior conditions are presented. In main part of book we discuss how these concepts can be used in enterprise information systems. Main contributions presented in this book is in the part where the measures of business processes and decision support methods usage is analyzed for enacting services from the cloud. Model driven development enables drastically arise performance of developers.
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Cloud Platform, Self-organizing system, Enterprise agility, Perfomance measurement, Business process management BPM, MDD- model driven development, SaaS- software as a service