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Discussion with ladies abroad and skype translator


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Ann: As luck would have it.
I can’t tell you particular amount. Different websites have different prices.
But the customers pay a definite amount of money in the chat. What is my percentage? Write approximate earning per hour, please.
You see, on some websites girls get 2 USD per minute, and on other they get only 6 cents. That’s why amount per hour differs each time. Sometimes I earn only 2 USD and sometimes I get more than 100 USD. As luck would have it. And as for the percentage, it is 50% for each girl.
Clear. Thank you for information, I’ll think about it.
So, as you can see from the dialog, 500 000 USD each year is an approximate scam income for female members that is why men from abroad feel more than nervous if they keep searching for the agencies to register and sort out the information from the internet.
One of the most prominent ugly truth about these agencies is that some girls were detected in sex escort services, another girls – as prostitutes, therefore when male members get to know such details they feel depressed being tricked and seriously desperate to rely on dating sites then. Their hope was broken not because of wasting money but deeply by hurt of their hearts.
Some girls have a very bad reputation by their suspicious behavior and then open scam activity: they make many foreign men scammed by luring them to the website, asking for help arranging of Schengen Visa, ticket booking for a flight, accommodation and even food. They definitely know how to get the sensitiveness of your heart to extract a dollar.
They use this option as a working place, often on maternity leave, they use this opportunity to have some fee. 
It is convenient for a student: you are able to work from home or any other place and choose the time appropriate to be online. Speaking about photoshooting – of course it is for free for them. And her marital status does not matter, you can be married on in relationships – just do your job carefully and get your money. You got supposedly automatic responses {samples of letters) or translator staff helps with that.
Men who do want their destiny to have a happy endings should stay away from such websites and they just lure singles and extract money from them. Such beautiful Russian and Ukrainian faces like you see photos on websites do the great help with that. And may be convince such men to try their luck. Indeed I am very sorry if victims are among my readers right now, it’s a pity that someone did not tell them before.
So be careful when you are about to choose the appropriate way of dating services, if you pay money – insist in high quality service, you have a right to receive it. And if you don’t receive it – you must require. Good international agencies entrusted their members to be in hope that they will never be scam victims.

Recently we had continued our conversation with “Create your Love” agency owner. We provide you with the translation of this conversation:

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